Make cool things. Have more fun trying to break it.

Hydride is a diverse team of developers, system administrators, artists, and UI designers. We come from all corners of the planet, with various backgrounds and a vast array of experiences. One thing's for certain, though: we love building things, and we love having fun doing it.

We build everything. And more.

Given our team's wide range of specialties, we offer a variety of services to our clients. However, the vast majority of our work is focused between designing web applications and managing cloud infrastructure (systems administration).

Whether it be a simple e-commerce website for your new business, full-fledged cloud infrastructure solutions for your new taco startup, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Not just for the dolla-dolla.

Alongside the usual day-to-day freelance work that we do, sometimes we decide to build something; sometimes, it's for ourselves, but other times, we just build things because we feel like it's cool and unique!

We've built a few things over the past couple of years - most notably, our flagship file host, (currently in an invite-only alpha stage). Regardless of what we build, we strive to make it the highest grade of quality possible.